Grassbusters Mowing & Garden Care Services

Grassbusters is a  very successful gardening business  in Brisbane. We pride ourselves on our reliability and friendly approach. We have the required knowledge of the industry. We have many years of experience working for numerous commercial and domestic clients.

We understand that customer satisfaction is the bridge to success in any business, so we ensure the highest standards of work at a highly competitive and reasonable rate. Whether you need a lawn mowing, hedge trimming or pruning  and Weeding, we can give you a competitive quote.

The reason for calling Grassbusters also could be that maybe your hedge has grown too far or maybe the job has just become too much for you to cope with.


We provide a complete weed removing solution for your gardens. Weeds rob valuable nutrients from the soil and compete with your hard-earned herbs & flowers.

Helps Plants To Grow

It is important to eliminate the weeds. Our service will remove the weeds so that your important plants will get proper nutrients and enough sun light to grow and also by removing the weeds your garden will look more looking beautiful and clean.


Pruning cuts are essentially wounds to the plant where disease could enter, so to prevent this use sharp, clean tools and make clean cuts without leaving snags.

Helps Your Plants to Heal

Cut close to buds, but not into them, and always above. Early pruning helps establish a shapely shrub with vigorous, balanced growth. We are happy to say that we provide this service with our special tools and equipment at very reasonable price.


Hedges require formative pruning on planting, maintenance trimming to keep them within bounds. Hedging times vary depending on the type of hedge.

Maintain Your Plants

Hedges require formative pruning on planting, plus maintenance trimming to keep them within bounds. Hedging times vary depending on the type of hedge. We supply this service on a regular basis in order to maintain the quality of your plants.


We fertilize your plants to give them right nutrients in the right time. So your plants will be able to get enough nitrogen percentage require for their growth.

Give Enough Food to Grow

Natural organic fertilizers supply nitrogen in complex organic forms that are not immediately available to plants. They require warm, moist soils for microbial activity to release Nitrogen. Regular treatment is required at all times.

Our Other Services

Sometimes the weeds have taken over, the lawn is patchy where the children have been on their garden swing, or the builders might have finished their work. Whatever the reason – if enough is enough or you need a new lawn give us a call today.

We are also specialized in house and rubbish clearance. we can clear a house fully and remove items that you specify, such as cookers, carpets, curtains, clothes, washing machines, furniture and junk. We also clear sheds and garages. We are professionally trained, hard-working, trustworthy, thorough and quietly efficient. We are also friendly and helpful. Rudeness to customers in not tolerated and we have strict discipline procedures in place.
Using High Pressure equipment We provide a excellent quality, professional cleaning service for driveway cleaning block paving, patio’s, decking, pathways, forecourts, car parks, swimming pool areas, fascias & most paved and brick surfaces.
We do all sort of Lawn mowing and grass cutting services for commercial and domestic customers, we cut lawns and grass areas for domestic gardens large and small, estates, communal areas such as blocks of flats and housing associations, industrial estates and hotels.

Why Choose Us

      • Lawn mowing and grass cutting services
      • We are expertly skilled in every aspect of our work and professional
      • We, Grassbusters always clear up after themselves
      • We are friendly and reliable service
      • We offer pay later option for the convenient of our customers.

What Client’s Say

If you need a reliable, professional, friendly, experienced general gardening maintenance legend Steve is your man. After Steve’s visit my garden looks like something from a “Home and Garden” Magazine
Gavin, Gumtree
Steve provides a great service at reasonable price. He is efficient, reliable, professional and does a great work. I would highly recommend his service.
J. M. O Porter, , Gumtree
Steve is very lovely and does a nice job each and every time and I will be retaining his services.
Trace, Gumtree