Let us look at some of the lawn edging tools used

There are different types of lawn edging machines. The old type

comes with a sharp round shaped blade with a handle that you

can push along between the lawn and the edge. You’ll need to

put in more pressure to enable the blade to cut off the access

grass along the edge.

There are other lawn edging machines. They come with two bar

handles, two wheel and the blade and powered by either petrol of electricity.

Some of the edging machines may cost closer to $800. They are handy to have for older people oe even to have it around your homes.

It will be too slow to use on commercial basis

Most lawn mowing businesses used their brush cutter for edging.

This is easier and faster. You’ll only need to master the

positioning of the brush cutter. When you master it, you’ll

find it simple and faster to use to edge lawns. Some lawn

mowing business people walked sideways when using brush cutter

while edging. I prefer to just walk straight while edging. It is easier for

me and faster.